• We Are LatinX Podcast episode 17 with guest speaker Daphne Arthur

    We Are LatinX Podcast episode 17 with guest speaker Daphne Arthur

    Eduardo from We Are LatinX sits down with contemporary artist Daphne Arthur. Daphne talks about her multicultural experience being born in Venezuela yet raised in a Trinidadian house. She talks about her creative process and what inspires her to create through the mediums of painting, sculpture, and drawing all while experimenting with different materials. Eduardo and Daphne share their experiences in connecting with nature and how important that is to them both. Daphne also talks about her work that is being shown at the Over The Influence gallery in Los Angeles, CA this month and what drew her to create those pieces.

    If you live in the LA area go check out Daphne Arthur's work at the Over The Influence gallery where she is exhibiting her "I've arrived" or "He Llegado" series. The exhibit will be at the gallery until July 24th.

  • Daphne Arthur in Dialog with James Cantres, Moderated by Julia Marsh

    Daphne Arthur in Dialog with James Cantres, Moderated by Julia Marsh

    This panel discussion focuses on questions of creativity and freedom, contending with the various conditions that lead artists to challenge established assumptions and beliefs in the face of repression.

  • Artist Talk at Cedar Crest College, In the Eye Of The World, Nov 13th 2020.

  • The Lise Curry Art Collection - Mirror Mirror on the Wall… Closing Talk with Artist Daphne Arthur

    Daphne Arthur, an artist represented in Mirror Mirror on the Wall, delivers a talk as part of the closing reception for the exhibit currently on display in the Callahan Center in St Francis College, NY.

    Event date: December 5, 2019.

  • In The Eye Of The World

    In The Eye Of The World


    In the 21st century, being witness through media to events and surveyed is as common as breathing air leaves a feeling that there are no real edges between consuming information and lived experience. This exhibition, Daphne Arthur: In the Eye of the World offers viewers an opportunity to shift perspectives and find something to hold onto. In 2006, when Arthur was my student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, she was then, as now, a powerful storyteller, able to convey messages about the human experience that move in many directions. Both beautiful and subtle, her stories are compelling, inviting us in as guests and participants. The power of lived experience—the artist’s and the viewer’s—is a touchstone of this exhibition.

    Arthur’s work quickly pulls you into another world, a world of realities and complexities that echo personal and collective narratives of past, present and future. Kinesis (2019)—a pensive, staid drama—both desolate and curious, mirrors our own waiting, wandering minds. Her lush and vibrant
    color, layered in as many methods as she can invent, is obvious in a work like Target (2020), which also asks questions of the viewer’s assumptions and implicit biases. This mix of metaphorical and pictorial textures is a hallmark of Arthur’s paintings and assemblages.

    Within her practice, Arthur is both experimental and analytic, using realist and surrealist strategies, as well as alternative materials and methods, beyond paint, that require audiences to think through her process. One particularly evocative and enigmatic work Ode to Black (2015)—a dramatic, postapocalyptic scene, at once familiar, jarring, and delicate—is made from smoke. The transformation of the ephemeral into something concrete is another of the symbolic bases of Arthur’s work. In her sensual compositions she is always playing around and through her personal and our collective memory. The results are alluring and belie their weighty content. In forceful works that draw upon layers of history, methodology and content, Arthur draws you in, and holds you tightly.

    Julia Marsh
    Guest Curator

    In the Eye of the World
    On view: March 5th - TBA
    Opening Reception and Artist Talk, March 13th, 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

    Curated by Julia Marsh
    Cedar Crest College, Center for Visual Research
    100 College Drive
    Allentown, PA 18104

  • XicanX: New Visions, Centro de Artes, San Antonio, TX

    XicanX: New Visions, Centro de Artes, San Antonio, TX

    Join the City of San Antonio Department of Arts & Culture for the opening receptions of two new exhibitions at Centro de Artes gallery.

    On the first floor you’ll experience, “XicanX: New Visions.” This national exhibit curated by Dos Mestizx (Suzy González and Michael Menchaca) challenges previous and existing surveys of Chicano and Latino identity-based exhibitions. This group of 34 artists expands upon how Latinx artwork can be established across ideological borders; freely expressing a new wave of images and voices in a post-internet era. #XicanXNV

    Then, head up to the second floor to see “Los Maestros: Early Explorers of Chicano Identity.” This exhibition focuses on three of the founders of San Antonio’s Chicano arts movement of the 1960s and 1970s: Jesse Almazan, Jose Esquivel and Rudy Treviño and will highlight their unique contributions and histories as individual artists. “Los Maestros” is curated by San Antonio arts organization Centro Cultural Aztlan.

    The exhibitions will be on display from February 13 through June 28, 2020.

  • Congruency, Curated by Lauren Gidwitz, Prato Capital Management, Whiteplains

    Congruency, Curated by Lauren Gidwitz, Prato Capital Management, Whiteplains

    “...a person is a fluid process, not a fixed and static entity; a flowing river of
    change, not a block of solid material; a continually changing constellation of
    potentialities, not a fixed quantity of traits.”
    - Carl R. Rogers

    THE GALLERY is pleased to present Congruency, an exhibition that explores the attempt to achieve congruence in an unwieldy world. Objects have a way of keeping time for us. They physically embody moments from the past, but also have the ability to resonate with those of
    the future. Art objects also mark the confluence of intention and effort of the maker. Time is layered in an art piece: the past experiences of the artist, the time it takes to create, and each moment that it is considered, looked upon, touched, and moving the viewer.

    The term congruence was used by the humanistic psychologist Carl Rogers to describe a state when one’s ideal self and actual self are consistent. Through the work of eleven artists, this exhibition documents attempts at congruence. Congruence for an artist is the elusive moment
    when the ideal of the artwork in their head aligns with the object that they have created. Each artwork is an inner examination that has been made whole and external.

    Congruency will feature work by Daphne Arthur, Jim Gaylord, Lauren Gidwitz, Catherine Haggarty, Lavaughan Jenkins, Sung Hwa Kim, Maria Kreyn, Calli Moore, Eileen Neff, Dominic Terlizzi, and Aparna Sarkar. This group of artists push traditional methods in an effort to
    transcend form; in order to address something larger, more nuanced and ineffable.

    These endeavors towards congruency can be felt in each piece; the moments when the channels from mind to object to viewer are clear. We glimpse them in vibrational weavings of paint, symbols and pattern play, the ecstatic transmission of an expression as pigment slips
    down the surface, the shifting realms of the micro and macroscopic, the natural and the man-made, the twistings of symmetry and layering of discordant imagery for an unlikely harmony. Each piece is a leap into the Gestalt, where the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

    For more information about the artists featured in Congruency, please contact Gallery Director
    Will Feurtado at willietjones@yahoo.com

    Prato Capital Management, Whiteplains
    February 21, 2020 - TBA

  • Mirror Mirror On The Wall

    Saint Francis College, Brooklyn, NY
    Sept 19- Dec 17

  • Art On The Vine

    Celebrating the 5th installment of Art on the Vine (AOTV) presented by The Agora Culture. This year will feature 17 contemporary Black Women visual artists of color working in various disciplines; Savage-Lewis Artist Residents, presenting new collaborative works completed on the Vineyard during their stay this summer; as well as AOTV Convening: a progressive series of panel discussions and conversations. Aug 10th-14th


  • “The Bench-A Homeless Love Story” Review – A Fine Piece of Theater

    “The Bench-A Homeless Love Story” Review – A Fine Piece of Theater


  • MASS MOCA Residency 2017

  • Hear/Here exhibition opening - Saturday, June 4th

    Hope you had an amazing week! Please join me this Saturday June 4 at Honfleur Gallery in Washington D.C. for the opening of my most recent exhibition, Hear/Here. The exhibition features Daphne Arthur (NYC), Fire Angelou and Andrew Keiper (Baltimore) and Omolara Williams McCallister (DC) exploring the needed dialogue within and between urban centers in the U.S. that constantly grapple with issues of displacement, violence and calls for social justice. We are examining the points of intersection as well as disconnection among the various groups vying for social and political agency in an ever evolving society. June 4th to July 16th


  • Mixed Bag:
    An International Small Works Exhibition Contemporary Art curated by GA Gardner,
    59 Rivoli Gallery, Paris, France

  • Broken Walls, Harbor Gallery,
    University of Massachusetts Boston, MD
    April 07- May 07 2015

  • Pancorum Hominum, Rare Gallery, NY
    Feb 27th- April 10th, 2014

  • Land of Tomorrow, Louisville, KY
    Curated by Aaron Skolnick
    April 26 - July 2, 2013

  • Edge Art: Black-Latino(a) Artists, An Inter-Caribbean Dialogue
    (group show curated by Tod Roulette & Dr. Gordon Thompson, and sponsored by Black Studies Program, CCNY Cohen Library, and RAP-SI (BMI)), February 4 – 28, 2013

  • Scope Miami 2012
    Rare Gallery
    booth #F09
    Dec 4-9

  • African-American Fine Art
    Swann Galleries, New York, New York
    International Auction Benefit for SCAIII Scholar.org
    OCTOBER 18, 2012

  • Even Gravity Has Its Ups and Downs
    Arena 1, Santa Monica, California
    OCTOBER 13- NOVEMBER 10, 2012
    Curated by Mark Carter

    Opening Reception:
    Saturday, October 13th, 6-9pm

    Artist: Daphne Arthur, Eben Goff, Sharon Lawless, Ali Naschke-Messing, Pascual Sisto, Cody VanderKaay, Darren Waterston, Susan York.

    Artists creativity is notably sourced by free spiritedness, risk taking and a lack of boundaries, but they often find themselves negotiating the laws of physics. A free roaming imagination interacts with force, mass, time and gravity, exerting them to lend shape to objects, fluids and solids.
    Even Gravity Has Its Ups and Downs includes works that range from lighter than air to the massively dense, from seriously grounded to ephemeral. Included artist wrestle with the powers that control the universe and allow them to drip, tug, mash, float and expand.

    Gallery hours Wed-Sat, 12pm to 6pm

  • Go Tell It On A Mountain
    California African American Museum of Art, Los Angeles, California
    OCTOBER 4, 2012- MARCH 31, 2013

    James Baldwin's 1953 visceral autobiographical novel, Go Tell It On The Mountain, explores the dual role of the Christian church in the lives of African Americans. It is at once a vehicle for the control and repression in addition to being a wellspring of inspiration and community.
    The novel also paints an unerring portrayal of racism in the United States and its devastating emotional affects. This exhibition of the same title finds its anchor in Baldwin's book, and attempts to explore how some artists have mined these oppositional forces found in the Christian church to foster political action and civic engagement. Artists included in the exhibition are Edgar Arceneaux, Daphne Arthur, Andrea Bowers, Carolyn Castaño, Robert Colescott, Mark Greenfield, Zeal Harris, Caroline Kent, Nery Gabriel Lemus, Kerry James Marshall, John Outterbridge, Nikki Pressley, Erika Rothenberg, Sanjit Sethi, and Nate Young, among others.

  • Caribe Now
    Nathan Cummings Foundation, New York, New York
    OCTOBER 4- JANUARY 18, 2012
    reception OCTOBER 4
    exhibition opens to the public OCTOBER 5
    Curated by Rocío Aranda-Alvarado

    As Part of the Caribbean: Crossroads of the World project, Caribe Now: Contemporary Art of the Caribbean Diaspora is an exhibition by artists of Caribbean descent who explore how the Caribbean, through its diaspora, continues to be conceived through the lens of contemporary culture.
    In partnership with El Museo Del Barrio, Caribe Now celebrates artists whose work sheds light on underserved populations, and provides a visual expression of social justice by interrogating displacement and discrimination. For more information visit El Museo Del Barrio's website www.elmuseo.org

  • Poetics of Reverie
    Rare Gallery, New York, New York
    JANUARY 5- FEBRUARY 2, 2012

    Curated by Daphne Arthur

    with artists:
    Shanga Manning and Daphne Arthur